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Institute on Atmospheric Pollution

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Mobility 2021

The fourth “MobilitAria 2021” Report has been published which analyzes the data on mobility and air quality in 2020, in the emergency from Covid-19, in the 14 metropolitan cities and in the 22 Italian medium-sized cities that have approved the SUMPs. 


Towards new frontiers for distributed environmental monitoring based on an ecosystem of plant seed-like soft robots' - 'I-Seed'



Collaboration Agreement, between MATTM-DVA, CNR-IIA, ENEA and Istituto Superiore di Sanità, for the launch of the Special Networks referred to in Legislative Decree. 155/2010

Acting in the present to improve the future.

The mission of the CNR-IIA is part of a highly topical framework for the ecosystemic balance of the planet.

The issue of air quality and air pollution affects the world population as a whole and inevitably is the result of our habits and consumption, economic and productive activities and, last but not least, the policies of national and international decision makers.

The impact of air pollution has repercussions in everyday life and in the future will result in economic and health costs negatively effecting quality of life. 

Macro-areas of Research

Anthropogenic impacts on the atmosphere

Technologies for monitoring and sharing data
on air pollution

Global changes and ecological transition

latest projects in evidence


Main office in Montelibretti

Secondary office in Rende

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EGU General Assembly 2021

EGU General Assembly 2021

On the occasion of the EGU General Assembly 2021, it will be presented on the morning of Tuesday 27 ...

A drone to monitor air quality

A drone to monitor air quality

The In Air drone capable of monitoring air quality took off. The project is coordinated by the CNR-Nanotec of Lecce, together with the CNR-IIA and a team of Apulian companies

Technology transfer

Parallel to the research activities, the CNR-IIA is active on the front of technology transfer aimed at the various companies in the industrial and environmental services sectors.

Scientific disclosure

Scientific activity is developed through dissemination activities and projects to give the opportunity to a wide audience to learn about the topic of air pollution and access academic theory and research in an accessible and easy-to-understand form.